Our Services:

Indulge Me
Includes Herbal Mineral Bath soak, exfoliation with Liquid Lufra, trim and shape, finished with 24-hour hydration from Baobab Body Butter
+Add the Essential Pedi
Pamper Me
Includes above, plus invigorating Ice Dancer Gel to cool and soothe overworked hands and arms.
Our UV liquid gel is lighter, stronger, and gentler on your real nails than acrylics. It strengthens nails, lasts for two weeks, and never yellows
Perfect for those allergic to acrylics.
Pink & White Full Set
Pink & White Fill In
Color Full Set
Color Fill In
Color Polish Only
French Polish
Manicure + Color polish
Manicure + French Polish
The all-natural Signature Nail System contains five different vitamins and calcium, encouraging your nails to grow cut stronger and healthier. No odor, no curing. And we have 100+ colors!
Pink & White Full Set
Pink & White Fill In
Nude Look (No Color)
Color Full Set
Color Fill-In
Our products are non-yellowing
Pink & White Full Set
Pink & White Fill In
Color Fill-In
Essential Oils Pedicure Only $62
Let this hour-long treatment bring Nature's revitalizing power directly to your feet. Choose the oil that suits your need, and we'll combine it with a full-service pedi Including Herbal Bath, Liquid Lufra, Ice Dancer gel with warm towel wrap, Firewalker cream, and Baobab Butter.

Relaxing Lavender | Peppy Peppermint
Refreshing Lemon | Ache-soothing Move
All-Organic Pedicures
The essential
Includes trim and shape, cuticle and callus clean-up, quick massage with Body Smoother; includes polish of choice.
+Add Indulge Me Manicure
Smooth Sensations
Includes Herbal Mineral Bath soak, exfoliation with Liquid Lufra, trim and shape, Spice Berry Sole Solution treatment for heels, and calf massage with Body Smoother for a silky finish.
Butter Me Up
Includes Smooth Sensation, plus a massage with Ice Dancer Gel that cools and refreshes achy muscles, followed by a warm towel wrap to awake your senses Finally, super-hydrating Baobab Body Butter leaves feet soft and supple.
The Powder Pedi
Includes Butter Me Up, which the addition of antioxidants from Grapefruit Body Bar to pull cut impurities and condition the skin, plus a finger pressure massage with Firewalker Cream that penetrates deep into the muscle for ultimate tension relief!
Warm wax bath
Sugar scrub
Extra massage (per minute)
For The Hands
French polish only
Polish Change
Nail Art
from $5
Trim Only
from $5
Soak Off
$5 w Mani $10
For The Toes
Gel polish to pedi
Gel French polish to pedi
Trim only
from $10
For The Kids
Manicure (ages 10 and under)
Pedicure (age 1-5 / ages 6-10)
Polish (age 1-5/ ages 6-10)
Smooth & Soothe
Remove cell build-up and impurities with cream cleanser, scrub, and glacial marine mud mask; rejuvenates with hydrating mask, ageLOC anti-aging serum and NaCPA ,moisturizer
The Mini FaeLift
Let NuSkin's Face Lift TM line up provide a firm, toned look by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, AgeLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra serum and NaPCA moisturizer continue nourishing your skin for hours after you leave!
Deep Action Facial
Includes Smooth & Soothe, plus an energizing facial massage with the ageLOC LUMISPa wand that oscillates at the optimal frequency to dislodge deep impurities, energize the skin, and improve the appearance of volume and density.(60 minutes)
Upper lip/ lower lip/ chin
Stomach/ jawline
from $15
Cheeks/ underarms
Arms/upper Leg/ Lower Leg
from $25
Full Face/Bikini
from $35
Back/ Full Leg
from $45
We're now exclusively
Our manicures and pedicures now only employ Nu Skin's award-winning organic products.
They're also perfect for those with sensitive skin, poor circulation, or diabetes.
Herbal Mineral Bath
Bye bye stress! Let 21 organic herbs, chosen for their calming and therapeutic powers, take the tension away.

Body Smoother
Moisture without the weight! With soothing aloe, algae extract, vitamin E, and naturally exfoliating retiny palmitate

Ice Dancer Gel
Boost your circulation with this Native American receipe of eucalyptus, wild mint, and perppermint oil.

Liquid Lufra
See your feet glow as dull, dead skin gets polished away naturally with walnut husks.

Grapefruit Body Bar
Naturally Detoxifying and conditioning.

Firewalker Cream
Polynesian firewalkers depended on this recipe of Babassu oil and ti plant extracts to soften calluses, and relax muscles.

Sole Solution Treatment
Soothe cracked skin with this Central American formula, featuring crushed allspice berry and antioxidants.

Baobab Body Butter
Shea butter and extracts from Africa's "Tree of Life" provide 24-hour moisture for skin that's even softer tomorow.
New York Nails & Spa Cares About You
Minimize the signs of aging with our tailor-made deep-skin renewal program, using Nu Skin’s award-winning organic products. It’s also the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin, poor circulation, or diabetes. (Includes Essential Pedicure services)
Manicure, Pedicure, and facials don't just make you look good. They're opportunities to improve your health - which is why we've phassed out acrylic powders which many cause cancer. We only use organic products that are gentle and safe on skin. All our nail equipment are single-use. all pedicure basins are convered with one-use liners to prevent cross-contamination. Our staff always wears gloves. They are trained to adhere to the highest hygiene standards, because they deserve safety too.

Aged, thin skin can be rejuvenated. Nails that have thickened with years can be made healthy again. Diabetic skin can be made stronger. Visit us regularty, and see the difference for yourself. While your're here, enjoy a glass of wine while sinking into our ergonomic La-Z-Boy-chair our our fully customizable soft-leather Shiatsu massage roller chairs!